About Us

About Vanquish

Vanquish Clothing Ltd is a new clothing brand dedicated to making you look and feel great.
Founded in 2022 by Shane O Brien, we are currently a small but up and coming business.
Although just a company in its very early days we have the drive, mentality, commitment and ambition to grow this company not just for us but for our customers.
"Vanquish" to conquer or overcome.
That is exactly what we want our customers motto to be.
Together we can conquer and overcome what holds us back and become a better version of ourselves.

Behind the Dream

Shane O Brien

Director of Vanquish Clothing Ltd

For the past few years I have been planning to start this venture, but other commitments had made me put my dream on hold.

Now I am ready to make my dream a reality .

I am ready to push myself further and harder than ever before to accomplish my goal. So much work goes on behind the scenes of  a project like this, but i know it will be worth the effort when I see happy loyal customers wearing our products.